Now Available! Isolation: Book Two (Sympatico Series)

Isolation: Book Two is now available. Here is the description:

Cole Evans thought he’d found a safe haven for his family and a growing band of survivors of the most lethal virus the world has ever known. But he finds continued survival is far from guaranteed as they battle hostile encounters with other survivors, nature, and devastating accidents. Are they prepared to survive their first brutal Wisconsin winter after the rest of the world has perished?


When I began writing Isolation, the first image I had was of the group surviving a Wisconsin winter without the comforts they were used to. I also felt that Cole and the others may be dealing with survivor guilt to some extent, especially considering how Infection ended.


In Infection, their focus was very narrow. Get to the island and establish basic necessities. The challenge was in getting to the island without catching the virus. 


With Isolation, while still a nagging threat, the virus isn’t the main worry. Instead, they must figure out how to survive a brutal Wisconsin winter. Accustomed to central heat, electricity, and food readily available and snow is only a problem during major storms, they now must cope with finding food, fuel, and staying healthy. They also discover that there are other survivors…


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